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Casino Blog

Warning Signs Of Gambling Addiction

Over 80% of adults play at least once a year and, for the most part, it is a harmless form of entertainment. For 1%, however, casino gambling is not a pleasure and becomes a serious problem.

Problem gambling occurs when gambling begins to interfere with and damage any aspect of life, including from a psychological, physical, social or professional point of view. There are seven main warning signs a person may exhibit if they have gambling disorder, but accurate diagnosis can only be made by a trained professional.

Many problem gamblers start gambling at a young age, but gambling addiction such as drug and alcohol addiction can affect people of all races, economic backgrounds, and genders. A gambler wagers on any game, sometimes he even places bets on normal daily activities.

1 – Concern

A constant obsession with gambling is one of the simplest ways to notice a gambling addiction. Reliving past triumphs and failures in the game, always planning the next excursion, and continually thinking about how to get more money to play are some examples of concern.

2 – Escalation

Problem gamblers have similar physical reactions to an abused drug. Symptoms are for example increased heart rate and dissociation from reality. As with drugs, a tolerance for the amount of money wagered will develop.

To reach this “level”, a problem gambler will have to wager higher and higher amounts of money to achieve the desired effect.

You play until the last penny. Many problem gamblers end up in severe financial difficulties and rely on others for the money they need for their gambling addiction. In severe cases, problem gamblers break the law to finance their habit.

3 – Trying to Quit

A problem gambler may try to control or quit gambling but will not be able to. Multiple unsuccessful attempts to quit are an alarming sign of a disturbance.

Gambling addicts such as drug addicts become restless, irritable, and angry at times when they try to control or stop their gambling habits.

4 – Escape

While gambling addiction may appear to be related to the pursuit of pleasure, the source of an addiction is to compensate for or cover up a loss or pain. A problem gambler will use addiction as a way to forget or escape pain.

Emotional pain can make a person feel numb and block other emotions. Gambling and other addictive behaviors cause excitement and pleasure that make a person go into a hustle and bustle and escape from numbness.

5 – Chasing

When someone tries to recoup their losses by playing more, this is called “chasing”. The problem gambler will fixate on trying to recover lost money but will have bigger financial problems.

6 – Lying

Lying to friends and family about time and money is a definite nuisance.

Problem gamblers sometimes feel guilty about lying about where they’ve been or how they spent the money. The guilt adds to the emotional pain and can, in turn, lead to increased gambling to allay the guilt.

7 – Alienation

When gambling begins to alienate a person from his friends, family or career, it is a clear sign that that person is in trouble. Problem gamblers continue to gamble despite risking or losing relationships or things that are meaningful to their life such as school or career.

The Odds Of Playing In A Casino

The odds between $ 500 and $ 50,000 are 100-1 and will be greater than the odds of success. If players accept this handicap, they should start with a larger amount than when playing for a smaller yield. You have to decide before the game follows. It’s okay for a player to change their performance goal, but it could also be risky.

After that the players have to consider how much time they have for the sessions. The chances of growing $ 500 up to $ 50,000 are very limited if you only play the casino once. Players with more time can look for slot machines or progressive table games with pots of $ 50,000 or more. With less generous jackpots, the chance of winning decreases because the larger jackpot pays out fewer times. With the bigger jackpots, it takes money to win, like in roulette where the odds of winning a lot are 35-1. To get to $ 50,000, a player must win every time. Also, the maximum bet for $ 50,000 is $ 1,500 each time the wheel spins.

Games with lower odds such as blackjack and baccarat sometimes they have limits imposed by casinos. Players are not allowed to make big winnings. They expect to take $ 20,000 or even $ 25,000 and reinvest it in the table. A player with $ 500 will rarely reinvest it in winnings.

 After the player has thought about the $ 50,000 and all the possibilities, he goes for an alternative plan, will start with cash and look for hypothetical profits. With $ 5,000 he will aim for a profit of $ 200 because the odds are 25-1. And these odds are good for him. To win, the player will focus on games that have a low house edge and inherent small swings. You can take the risk and bet $ 50 to $ 100 each round on potential and moderate wins that are 1-1. Craps is the best choice. In blackjack the player wagers from $ 100 to $ 150, raises after losses and rolls after wins. A lucky spin will allow the player to reach and exceed his goals.

Additional online gambling tips include maintaining a realistic goal budget, taking breaks from gambling especially if you are losing, playing smaller sessions for moderate wins, and always remembering goals.

Smart gamers know that they won’t become millionaires after just one play session, they think of play as a form of fun and accomplishment of their goals.

Set Goals Before Playing Casino

For those who have never played it before, online gaming can cause uncertainty and fear. The first thing to know about online gaming are the basic rules, the second is to understand how to set goals before the actual registration. Online games are fun and winning is more feasible. It is necessary to approach online gaming with respect and with the purpose in mind. Some players just want to have fun and others want to win. They need to know what’s next. Players who want to win are disciplined and focused, have short and long term goals. For newbies or for players who are unaware of their goals, a description of them before registration will make wins and losses transparent.

  • The first rule of online play and the most important is age. To be able to register you must be of age. Anyone who is not 18 years old or the adult age established by law cannot play. Cheating can only make things worse.
  • Most online gaming sites require special software which must be downloaded. It is necessary to verify that your computer has the requisites to support this software. Online gaming sites ask players to sign up for an account and submit an initial deposit. This is why setting goals is very important. It is also necessary to read the rules carefully before submitting a deposit.
  • Reading and understanding the terms and conditions associated with promotions and bonuses is mandatory. The payout percentages that players see are within the terms and conditions.
  • Each online gaming site has its own rules. Some follow the American method and others the European one. Before registering, players must understand the rules. If players are having trouble understanding them, they should turn to customer support, which is important at all online gaming sites.
  • To redeem your winnings you need to follow some rules. Winning is exciting and overwhelming. Familiarizing yourself with these rules will give you a clear perspective on how to redeem your winnings.
  • Setting goals is not a formality. It serves to tell players what they want from each game session and what they need. While some players overlook this aspect because it requires too much work, it is actually useful and serves as a guide for deciding which online casino games they would like to choose. Goals are essential and are a driving force for any type of game.

They form the foundation and give players a more satisfying experience. If players set realistic goals, they will surely achieve them. that’s why players should take time to define goals and think about what they want to have. Winning is the obvious answer, however, players may also want an enjoyable experience, even if they don’t win.

Setting goals requires players to answer a few questions. What games do they want to play? what strategies do they apply? Do they want big wins, moderate profits, many small wins or constant big or small wins? How will they know which slots or tables are most likely to win? What are the odds of winning? Goal setting transforms the game from something recreational to an enigmatic undertaking. Imagining what goals should be accomplished is even more important.

For example, a player has $ 500 for the game, he wants to raise it from $ 500 to $ 50,000. Soon, he begins to realize that unless he hits the lottery or a large jackpot, the $ 50,000 goal will never be met. The player keeps thinking about the $ 50,000, paying the mortgage, sending the children to school, or helping a family member. The player decides to aim for the $ 50,000 goal.

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